Stephanie De La Torre, LMFT Therapy for Therapists

Therapy for Therapists

Many therapists enter the field of counseling psychology to help others. While university degree programs and additional trainings provide wonderful resources to cultivate our therapy skills, they often fall short when it comes to helping us uncover and work through our own triggers and patterns that limit our ability to guide others.

To assist therapists become the best tools for healing they can be, I now offer therapy for therapists at a discounted rate. ┬áBy providing a safe space to identify and explore unconscious and conscious countertransferance, you can bring awareness to potential issues that prevent you from serving your client with clarity and compassion. As emotions and reactive patterns are brought to light, you can discover your therapeutic ‘blind spots’ while furthering your own journey towards health and wholeness. Therapy for therapists also provides an opportunity for you to learn additional therapy skills that are modeled in our sessions. By experiencing different modalities directly, you can easily incorporate them into your own therapeutic tool box with embodied wisdom rather than just theoretical insight.


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How You Benefit

  • Identify countertransferance
  • Explore unconscious triggers
  • Work through challenging emotions
  • Heal old wounds
  • Uncover therapeutic ‘blind spots’
  • Learn new therapy skills directly
  • Become a better therapist