Committed relationships and marriage can provide the richest container for both individual growth, and profound, mature love; they can also be among the most frustrating and painful of life experiences.  Oftentimes what starts off as passion and romance can fizzle in the face of old patterns, obsolete beliefs, and misguiding expectations of what a relationship “should be” like.

I utilize modern, interactive, and direct modalities to assist couples in learning to transcend limiting behaviors that no longer apply to a mature relationship.  In therapy, individuals successfully learn to hold their pain with compassion while supporting their partner to grow beyond their wounding.  New expectations are cultivated based on the notion that marriage is not a self-serving love affair, but rather a sacred commitment in which both parties learn to give to the relationship itself.   When this happens, it is possible for partners to open, and grow deeply in a supported, loving commitment.

How You Benefit

  • Express feelings authentically & respectfully
  • Transcend blocks to intimacy
  • Break circular patterns
  • Grow individually while in relationship
  • Cultivate a healthy, mature commitment
  • Take responsibility for behaviors
  • Choose to let go of limiting defenses
  • Listen & understand deeply

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