Stephanie De La Torre, LMFT Individual Therapy

Individual Counseling

I believe that every therapeutic process represents an extremely precious journey towards health and wholeness. I meet each individual where they are at in their unique struggle and provide gentle guidiance to where clients wish to be.  From the first leg of the journey until the final steps, I offer clients unconditional acceptance while helping them explore the roots of their suffering, feel repressed wounds and emotions, and learn to recognize faulty beliefs and conditioned patterns that limit their greatest potential.

The result: Individuals can recognize limiting patterns, heal from the past, avoid blindly making the same mistakes, and begin to respond rather than react to unpredictable events of everyday life, loss, and relationship.


How You Benefit

  • Gentle & compassionate guidance
  • Unconditional acceptance
  • Direct & honest feedback
  • Safe environment
  • Tangible goals
  • A sense of hope

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