Menopause, Life Transition, & the Sacred Feminine

When you are young, menopause seems far removed, a distant journey taken by grannies, complainers, people we will never become. Life fills with newness, passion, and challenge, a constant path of becoming…becoming a woman, a worker, a wife and a mom until one day; menopause arrives at your door. You are no longer your adolescent child, and unlived dreams and ‘could have beens’ are constant reminders of your own mortality.

While menopause marks a beautiful, natural evolution of life, it can be hard to appreciate its gifts amidst raging hormones, hot-flashes, a dissipating youth.  Counseling opens up a safe space to normalize your process, bring compassion to your unique experience, and teach you the tools to skillfully navigate and honor this natural phase of your life.  With guidance and care, your journey through menopause can awaken your connection to your evolving self, and to every woman who has traveled this path before you.


“My face catches the wind off the snow line
And flushes with a flush that will never fully settle well
That was a metropolitan vanity wanting to look young forever to pass
I was never a rafellite beauty
And only pretty enough to be seen with men that wanted to be seen with passable women
But now I am in love with a place that does not care how I look Or if I am happy
Happy is how I look. And that’s all.
My hair will grow gray, my nails chip and flake
My waist thicker and the years work all their usual changes
If my face is to be weather beaten as well
It’s little enough loss for a year among lakes and hills
Where simply to look out my window at the high pass
Makes me indifferent to mirrors and to what my soul may wear over its new complexion.”
—Blair Adcock