After An Affair; Can Trust Be Rebuilt?

Yes. Affairs often blossom out of unmet needs and unconscious patterns that keep couples from going deeper in love. When a relationship feels stuck, rather than feeling or communicating pain, people will often seek the easy comfort and passion of a new relationship. While an affair can disrupt trust and the natural well spring of a partnership, it can also fuel a willing couple to authentically explore expectations, identify needs, and express what they desire and need in relationship.

Couples & pre-marital therapy sheds awareness on how to recognize warning signs in yourself and your partner, and how to maturely talk about them.  Learning to communicate nonviolently facilitates a process where couples can compassionately respect their feelings, and their partners.  By opening a safe space to process what is often repressed, couples can begin to turn to their partners for the love, affection, and intimacy they sought in another.   With newfound tools and expectations, partners learn to sit with inevitable conflict, see each other freshly, and cultivate the ability to navigate the very natural cycles of beauty and pain that accompany a sacred commitment.